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What Does BraveGang Mean to You?

I'm really excited to share this blog post with you all as these are beautiful brave words shared by members of our community. In February's Newsletter, I asked you all to send back an emailing describing 'What BraveGang Means to You'! The results were so inspiring. Thank you to everyone who sent back an email with personal #BraveGang Definitions.

Here were the responses of What the BraveGang means to you all! (And thank you for granting me permission to share your responses with our supportive community). A few of the responses provided social media handles, so definitely give your fellow bravies a follow!

What BraveGang Means to Me:

Dear Molly,

I love that BraveGang is supportive of all of us - age, size, gender, ability, activity, social standing, fortune or misfortune, healthy or not, struggling, in a relationship or family setting or solo, vegetarian, omnivore, any creed or colour - all of us - thank you - stay brave!

Love you, xox Jane


#BraveGang means to me a group of people with brave strong souls that are always overcoming fears and people who are nice to each other and I love you so so so much you are so nice and brave

#BraveGang forever

Xoxo Mackenzie


What brave gang means to me is so much more than you could ever know. What brave gang shows to me and so many people it is a movement. The brave gang shows the remarkable story of so many people that constantly inspire me. My name is Sophia Marston and when I was younger I was bullied every day nonstop. From this, thanks to you and #BraveGang, I have been inspired to start an anti-bullying movement at my school which got me accepted into the student council and each day I am able to speak out about anti-bullying through presentations and so much more. I have created posters and done speeches all because of you and your website. Thank you so much for bringing this into my life it is incredible. #BraveGang

Thanks, Sophia Marston (Tiktok: smarston24)


My name is Emma and I am a 17 year old girl from Lethbridge Alberta.

I attend school at Catholic Central High and this is my final year before I head off to college!

I’ve recently come across your TikTok account and I have to say, I’m fascinated! I think that your story is incredibly motivating and this community of people that you’ve created is just amazing.

In my opinion, #bravegang is not just a trending hashtag... it’s a tight knit group of people who are stepping out of the dark to share their stories with the world. Because of you, people are finding the courage to step up and speak out about important issues and you are helping people to find their inner power, their voice! It’s truly amazing!

And I know that this is a huge ask, but I would love it if I could be a part of the #bravegang. I want to help inspire people, in any way... big or small.

So if there is anything that I could do, please let me know.

Thank you!


Emma Westerhoud

(My Instagram is @emma._w119, TikTok is @emma_w119)

(P.S. Emma you are TOTALLY a part of the BraveGang xoxo - Molly)


#BraveGang means so much to me and has helped push me out of my comfort zone!! I can do so much more now thanks to you!

My tiktok username is 'larissaxx.2004' and my Instagram is 'larissa.torkoniak'.


This story happened to me just a few years ago. I was a 10-year-old little girl, trying to be the best swimmer on the team. I didn't exactly fit in, since I was a new-comer and everyone already knew each other. I tried my best in practice, but everyone just seemed so much better than I was at that time. That's when I realized that I had to work harder than I ever had in order to come out on top. Winning was everything to me and my team. We're talking about winning the States Championships 32 years in a row. I worked hard in practice and was dedicated to my team. We had many swim meets, and over time, I started placing in the top 10 and winning some medals and ribbons. I eventually made it to the point where I qualified for the States Championships. I was overjoyed.

I may have not started out on the best foot, but I realized that swimming isn't all about good technique or how fast you go, it's about doing something you love and doing something that pushes you over your limits and abilities. You have to think of yourself as your own enemy. You have to have courage no matter what you are dealing with. Now that's what I call brave.

Tiktok: kikilove1009

Instagram: kpopgirl432


Hi molly, my name is Aiden and I found the brave gang on tiktok and continued to follow all that news. Molly has noticed me on tiktok on her live about what brave gang means to her. To me, brave means strong, and to have confidence.


Tikojk: imbob98


Brave gang is like a family/community for me since after going through 4 years of PTSD and depression I thought it'd be great to join a very positive group!

My Instagram is m44ni_u5m4n


Hi! I’m Emily and this is my brave story. When I was in 3rd grade I went ice skating with a friend and I didn’t really know how to ice skate and I fell and somebody ran over my thumb and then I had to go to the hospital and get stitches and a week later I had to get surgery because the doctor found out that the ice skate cut through my tenden and 2 nerves. But what helped me through surgery was having family by my side! #bravegang


SPEECHLESS. You are all so brave for sharing. Thank you for inspiring me everyday to find my inner bravery and enjoy every second of it. Your stories, motivations, and messages may have made me cry, but happy tears ;) Love you all! Keep inspiring! #BraveGang

Feel free to comment what the BraveGang Community means to you if you missed the last opportunity <3

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