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2 Million Bravies <3

Hello beautiful brave souls! I am speechless. Trying to write this blog and update you all on such a crazy 2 months of 2021. I am so overwhelmed with love. I woke up to this amazing number earlier this week and it made me cry. I'm not one to care for how many followers I have, but at the end of the day, I realized our Tiktok BraveGang community just hit a massive milestone. In less than 1 month we gained an entire other Million. Now there are two million bravies to support each other as we overcome fears in 2021. AMAZING!

I've updated the BraveGang community message and LOVE it: The BraveGang is a community for individuals to feel comfortable sharing unique brave stories with each other. Our community inspires, supports, and overcomes. Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes and deserves to be celebrated at every level. Being yourself is brave, loving yourself is beautiful. You can find it's release on the #BraveGang Section of the website :)

Also! Diving has been SO amazing! I get to train every day doing the sport that I love surrounded by an amazing team! I set out a challenge before we hit 2 Million on Tiktok and said that I would try the top comment off the 20 meter. The top comment was a "Triple Back Flip". So..... of course, I had to try my best to celebrate with you all ;) Here is the link to my attempt:

I cannot wait to represent the Maple Leaf this season! Thank you all for your constant support. You keep me motivated to jump off crazy things thanks to all the brave stories of your own. Keep inspiring bravies! #Xoxo

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