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New Year Bravery

Happy New Year #BraveGang ! We are beginning our second week of 2021 and it has already hit us all with crazy challenges. I just completed my first week back at training and it was insanely hard. Physically, after the holidays, I was struggling to get through my New Year Burpees lol. But, being back up on 20 meters felt amazing!

Unfortunately, one of our teammates caught the COVID-19 virus and we all had to re-test this morning. The tests make me cry every time as they literally tough my brain LOL. Here is a pic of me trying to keep it together during my test this morning!

So far so good, I should be back to training on Wednesday once my results come in. In the mean time, I have been blessed with even more Official #BraveGang members! We have over 220 mail list members in under a month! I could cry, I am inspired by all of you. I just finalized THE FIRST OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF BRAVEGANG MERCH!!!!!! I have sent out a few hoodies to my BraveGang Ambassadors around the world, but ensure to subscribe to this website to be the first to have access to the merch!! The official Launch date is FEB 1st, 2021! Happy New Year xoxo!

Huge shoutout to tiktok artists @sunkintz for the #BraveGang artwork! You are so talented. Love love love receiving these masterpieces! As I wait for my results, I have had some fun channelling my glamorous side which I never get to do with my busy diving schedule!

With this sunset rooftop pic to close out my first blog of 2021, I wish you all a beautiful New Year! Keep inspiring and being brave! Love you all bravies xoxo #BraveGang

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Unknown member
14. Jan. 2021

You have so many 'sides' - athletic, studious, glamorous, hilarious, serious, goofy, - it lets us all feel a connection with you in some way. <3

Gefällt mir
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