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Merchandise Launch & BraveGang Contest Winners

These first few weeks of 2021 have been up and down, and also a dream! I have had the privilege of training in the sport I love during very trying times in the world; I don't take this for granted. I'm doing my best to spread some NEEDED positive energy out into the world; as a result, our #BraveGang community has DOUBLED since the start of the year!

We have shared all the good vibes together and are now so close to reaching 2 million Bravies! WOW.

To celebrate my merch launch earlier this month, I created a TikTok challenge for Bravies to go on camera and share their brave story with the world! There were so many amazing stories that flooded the hashtag, I wanted to share them all; I was moved and sometimes in tears. As part of this challenge, I had to settle on three winners. Three brave souls stood out as examples of every day brave, face your fear brave, and being courageous. I was so impressed.

Susie K. was brave enough to share her every day brave. She has been on an eating disorder recovery journey and is now taking a healthy lifestyle approach. Check out her full story here.

Allie G. faced her fears as a mom of two, going back to college and following her dreams. This decision reminded me of my mom's courageous journey when she went back to school while raising my sister and me as a teenage parent. Kids like us would not be able to go so far without amazing moms like Allie and my mom! Check out her full story here.

The third selection for the contest was our #BraveGang community member @pearlightwow12; he showed incredible strength with his story. He was bullied in school and learned how to take the pain from his experiences and turn it into strength. I chose this story because I hear so often that so many kids his age face this reality. I want to celebrate his message as an inspiration to anyone going through that right now. Check out his full story here.

I hope these messages inspire you and bring some much-needed courage to face this long haul together! Know that I watched all the submissions, and I think you're all so brave for sharing.

Lastly, I surprised my amazing team with some BraveGang Merch as the athletes and coaches I train with every day inspire me to reach ultimate bravery. I have the privilege to train next to Lysanne Richard and Jessica Macaulay, some of the top high divers in the world! As well as, two phenomenal junior springboard divers and our amazing coach Stephane Lapointe who always brings positive energy to the pool deck. I am so grateful for this amazing crew!

Thank you, Bravies!



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