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#BraveGang Logo Contest

Happy New Year, Everyone! On December 29, 2020, I challenged the #BraveGang Community on Tiktok to be completed by January 1st. This challenge was to make their own #BraveGang Logo to be featured on various platforms.

With such little time to create, I was not expecting many submissions. The results blew my mind. Individuals from all over the world, over 20 Countries, submitted artwork that they took time to create. Some were digital; some were hand-drawn; some even made video clips! I responded to every submission as they came with lovely messages that touched my heart and deserved a personal response. If you submitted a Logo for the #BraveGang Logo Challenge, THANK YOU!

With over 150 submissions! It was hard to pick a favourite... here are a few samples:

Here is the winner ...

This #BraveGang Logo was created by TikTok artist: @lulu..navarro

Lulu was extremely kind for sharing her art and passion with the brave gang community. "I believe a lion best represents "Bravery" and the ginger mane and green eyes represent Molly Carlson. She is our #BraveGang community leader that inspires us all by overcoming fear every day" -Lulu

Lulu has offered to let me use her art as my new TikTok display picture, on this website, and in various TikTok videos. I am HONOURED! Thank you, LuLu.

I would like to close this challenge with a shout out to all of the incredible submissions sent in over the last few days. The response was unexpected and mind-blowing. I am so grateful to have created such a fun and exciting connection with you as we celebrated the end of a challenging year, 2020, together and build our #BraveGang community even more.

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