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Behind Bravery

Image taken on the 20 Meter Platform in the 1976 Montreal Olympic Stadium.

“Being Yourself is Brave, Loving Yourself is Beautiful.” - Molly Carlson

Where did #BraveGang Begin?

Happy New Year #BraveGang ! My name is Molly Carlson and this is my first Blog Post! I am ecstatic about the Launch of this new website. I would have never found the motivation without all you brave souls.

I started High Diving for Team Canada in August 2020 and am challenged with fear every single day. I began to post my High Diving Journey on various social platforms, but it really caught the attention on #TikTok . By December 2020, my tiktok platform (@mollycarlson) had over 500K followers! My content of course included high diving, but it also included something really special. This was the #BraveGang community.

I began to use the hashtag '#bravegang' all over my platform and encouraged many followers to share their own brave story. The results were endless. Thousands of brave stories were shared and supported in our own little community of bravery!

What does Bravery mean to me?

“Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes.” - Molly Carlson

As more #BraveGang members shared their stories I realized that bravery stems from any place, and can be any size. There were girls around 10 years old commenting on my page that they learned their first dive ever, and it melted my heart. There were also some larger stories such as overcoming PTSD, or challenging anxiety every. So the scale of bravery became ENORMOUS!

I knew I had to continue the momentum. As I debut my High Diving Career for Team Canada, I look forward the most to building this Beautiful Brave Community. Little does everyone know that all your comments, posts, and mentions inspire ME! Yes, I jump off crazy heights for a living, but hearing about all the fears you all overcome makes it all worth it. So, thank you for growing the #BraveGang community, I love you.

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