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bravery is beautiful

Inspired by Molly Carlson and the #BraveGang community.

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Molly Carlson is one of Team Canada’s Elite National Team High Divers. She performs from heights of 20 meters and travels the world competing for her country. Molly has embraced a movement focused on bravery, overcoming fears, and self-love.


With over 15-years of diving experience, Molly achieves bravery every day through insane diving skills and self-love and kindness. After a long history of suffering from body dysmorphia and binge eating disorder, Molly strives to help all people see their potential no matter what fear may be holding them back.


A movement called '#BraveGang' has developed into an emerging community across Molly's social platforms. This community of inspiring individuals continue to share their brave stories, uplift and support one another, and spread positivity.



The #BraveGang is a community inspired by Molly Carlson on her social platforms. A mental health advocate and female extreme sports athlete has captured the attention of the world around her. Molly's bravery has inspired others to share their own brave stories using the hashtag '#BraveGang'. 

With over 4 Million followers, the community is growing faster every day. 


"Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes. I cannot wait to hear about your journey and welcome you to the #BraveGang community!" - Molly Carlson 

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